Individual Energy/Entity Clearance

I offer energy work sessions that combine Reiki, dowsing, and other energetic techniques to provide the best possible results. Each session includes energy clearance and balancing, plus one other area that you would like me to work on.

This work is completed across dimensions, timelines, and realities, maximizing your benefit in the here and now. Some people feel results -- most commonly a feeling of relief -- right away. Others initially feel little or nothing, but notice an improvement in their life in the days and weeks that follow. Improvements may be emotional, physical, and/or in relationships. However your results manifest, your body and spirit are getting whatever they most need "right now."

This is a comprehensive session including what many energy workers offer as several separate sessions. To maximize your personal benefit, I combine several techniques to focus on those that will bring you the best results. If you have never had energy work done before you will notice a much more profound shift than someone who has experienced the awesome power of energy work. Anyone and everyone​ can benefit from this session! *Note, please order this session only for yourself and not for others, but feel free to share this information with anyone that may be interested. Thank you! :-)

Each session includes removal/clearance of:
  • negative entities and disembodied beings,
  • non-beneficial/negative energy,
  • negative thought forms,
  • negative energetic imprints and patterns,
  • harmful etheric cords,
  • and energy "blockages."

The session also includes:
  • auric clearing/repair,
  • restoration of golden web,
  • closing of harmful energetic connections/portals,
  • and removal of toxic astral cords.

Sessions are completed from a distance (usually within 3-5 days) and I e-mail my findings afterward.

Individual Energy/Entity Clearance: $30

What is negative energy?

Over time negative energy can accumulate in our bodies. Over time this can create blockages that can disrupt the normal energy flow in our bodies. In extreme cases this can cause dis-ease and a host of other issues. Emotional blocks can make you feel like you're "stuck" or that you can't progress past a certain point. They impose artificial limits on us that can make it more difficult to achieve goals -- or make them seem insurmountable altogether. These blocks can also dampen happiness, self-love, the quality of our relationships, our ability to achieve at work or name it.

Identifying the blocks or their source isn't always clear-cut. It can sometimes be helpful to have someone energetically identify and remove the blocks. By removing the blocks you can start gaining momentum right away. If the blocks relate to past issues that are resolved during the session, it is unlikely that they will reform. However, if the blocks relate to ongoing personal struggles, conflicts with deeply-held beliefs, or some other issue, they will almost certainly reform. Identifying these underlying causes can shed light on how to address them...and remove the blocks for good.

What are entities?

Negative entities are disembodied beings that feed on fear, chaos, and all forms of negativity. There are different classes and types of negative entities that one can attract depending on life circumstances/behaviors.

Having negative entities is not something to "feel bad" or to be embarrassed about. Everyone (and I mean everyone) "catches" (like a cold or flu) them from time-to-time. Anyone who says they don't isn't being honest with you...or with themselves. Staying clear of negative entities takes work and constant vigilance. As someone changes certain patterns and behaviors, the entity types attracted to those patterns/behaviors become less likely to attach.

It's best not to spend too much time thinking about negative entities, especially if they frighted you. After all...negative entities feed on fear! Ask the angels to protect you and trust that they will. Whenever you have trouble clearing negative entities, it is best to "bring in a professional" for help.

Individual Energy/Entity Clearance: $30

Disclaimer: This session is not a replacement for a consultation or treatment from a licensed healthcare professional.

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