Home Energy/Entity Clearance

Old houses can be full of happy memories...but over time they can also become saturated with negativity...

Houses pick up energy over time from their owners, the community, and the "stuff" that goes on in and around them. Some houses "feel" good when you walk in. Have you ever stepped inside someone's house and immediately felt the warm glow of love and "home?" It feels good -- it makes you want to stick around. Likewise, have you ever stepped inside a house and immediately felt cold, uncomfortable, unwelcome, and tense. You pick up on the unspoken tension in the house immediately and you can't wait to leave. People who "feel" their surroundings more deeply than others can attest to the fact that by walking into and older house, it doesn't take long to figure out if the house was bathed in years of happiness -- or the opposite.

These houses -- and all buildings -- pick up and retain negative and positive energy. Even when energy is "cleared" at the surface level, negative imprints can still remain, maintaining the "feel" of tenants long gone. Houses with significant negative energy can attract entities (ghosts or other non-physical spirits), chaotic or disorderly behavior, and the all-around "bad vibes" described above. Because we spend so much time in our homes, it is important to make sure that -- for our maximum health and happiness -- our houses reflect the energy of peace and love.

Clearing out old, stale, negative energy...it's like spiritual spring cleaning!

Any house, building, or property can be cleared of negative energy and entities. "Spiritual doorways" that facilitate the entry of non-physical spirits can be closed and the property can be somewhat protected from the recurrence of negative entities and energies (think of it as installing a high fence around the property -- not a catch all, but a significant deterrent).

In many cases, the property will "feel" better almost immediately. Moods will lift, attitudes will shift, and relations within the house will begin to improve. The effect will be particularly profound if the property has never been cleared or has not been cleared in many years. Note that any significant negative behaviors that continue following the clearance will cause more negative energy to accumulate and that these will circumvent any protective measures provided in this session.

Clearing Session

Please provide the physical address of the property for this session. All work will be completed remotely -- I will not be physically visiting the property.

Note: this should be a property that you own, rent, or have another significant stake in (i.e., a family home). I can instead clear a place of business owned or operated by you or an office building that you work in. If the address you provide is a business/office, I need to know that because my process will be slightly different.

The cost is $30 and includes my emailed findings after my work is completed. Please provide your physical address when you pay and allow 3-5 days for completion. (I will email you if I anticipate a longer wait.)

Distance Clearing Session: $30

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