Do you predict the future?

In intuitive sessions, my goal is to provide as much information as possible that will empower you to make decisions, to improve your life, and to find happiness.

Note that I won't predict the future with these session, as I find that counterproductive. "The future" is malleable and in every moment you have the power to change your life for the better.

However, I will explain to you what is happening in your life right now (with reference to your questions) and what the underlying causes are. So if you ask, for example, "Will I get the job?" I won't give you a yes or a no, but I may give you information about your compatibility (or lack thereof) with the job, unconscious beliefs or blocks that may prevent you from getting the job (or being successful in the job), or adjustments that you can make to increase your chances of getting the job (or one like it).

Similarly, with relationships I won't give a literal answer for "Should I stay or should I go?" or "Will I meet my prince charming?" but I may point out your compatibility with your current partner, sources of tension (or joy) and their unconscious source, beliefs or affirmations that prevent you from manifesting a successful relationship, and "mental shifts" to create a better relationship. ​

*Note* this session is not a replacement for mental health or medical services and should be regarded as a spiritual consultation with an ordained minister.

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